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Visual Studio
0001 Jun 1
One minute read

Visual Studio

PowerTools tabs coloring

  • (?i:(.view.cs.)|(.*control.cs)|(.*form.cs)) #F69
  • (?i:(.presenter.)|(.controller.)) #FEB
  • (?i:(.model.)) #FCB


PCH is the precompiled headers file. It’s a temporary that you can safely delete. You can disable its creation through Project Settings > C++ > Precompiled Headers > Don’t use precompiled headers and removing the stdafx.cpp file from your project.

NCB is the database used by IntelliSenseto allow you browse the symbols defined in your project (including the inline hints and auto completion as you type). You can safely delete it.

reset settings

"%programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /resetuserdata

Safe mode

devenv.exe /SafeMode

Assembly Loading Log Tool


vsprops c++ configuration

NEW IN VS 2012

  • C++/CLI IntelliSense - Quick Info, Parameter Help, List Members, and Auto Completion.n
  • windows on multiple monitors
  • Solutions load asynchronously.
  • quick launch panel - CTRL + SHIFT + Q
  • lightweight Find dialog
  • toolbox, typing and editing, debugging, and solution loading time.
  • Поиск в дереве проекта
  • Встроенный просмотр diff
  • Карта кода
  • карта кода в режиме отладки
  • REPL командная строка
  • больше рефакторинга

Package Manager Console

  • Install-Package xunit
  • Install-Package
  • Install-Package microsoft.aspnet.webapi.selfhost
  • Install-Package microsoft.aspnet.webapi.core


Color theme

debug visualization

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