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Standard ML (SML)
0001 Jun 1
One minute read

Standard ML (SML)

Installing on Mac OS X

brew install smlnj

Sublime Text SML (Standard ML) plugin

Control/Command+Shift+P in Sublime, type “Install Package”, then search “SML (Standard ML)”.

Emacs sml-mode, emacs 24 later

Open manager ‘Meta-x list-packages’ search for sml-mode ‘Ctrl-s sml’, hit Enter switch to second buffer Ctrl-o hit Install

Use sml-mode

C-c C-s

Dynamic environment
Static environment


val a = 10;

fun pow(x : int, y : int) =
    if y=0
    then 1
    else x * pow(x, y-1)

fun cube(x: int) = 
    pow(x, 3)

val sixtyfour = cube(4)


use "file.sml"

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