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Software As Biology
0001 Jun 1
One minute read

Software As Biology

Excerpt from talk «Software As Biology by Garrett Smith»

Evolution. Speciation

  • Revolution is evolution plus time
  • Copy freely (split populations)
  • Merge (interbreed) or keep separate (speciation)

Sex. Meiosis / Gene Shuffling

  • Homogeneity wins in the short term but eventually goes extinct
  • Investing in diversity pays in the long run
  • Select beneficial, abandon harmful

Death. Apoptosis.

  • Death is useful - build for it
    • Process crash
    • Service retirement
    • Project cancelation
  • Death requires life
    • Process restart
    • New replacement services
    • Many small projects


  • Moral judgements don’t apply
  • Suitability is sufficient
  • Change only when there’s pressure to change

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