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Networking, Informational Interviews
0001 Jun 1
3 minutes read

Networking, Informational Interviews

  • Grow your network
  • Nurture relationships
  • Share your brand


  • Geography and/or
  • Profession and/or
  • Industry

find people to talk with?

  • Referrals from your network
  • LinkedIn

Prople talk to

  • Power connectors
  • Industry experts
  • Potential boss

Invite to talk

  • via Email
    Part 1: Strong subject
    Part 2: Context
    Part 3: What you want
    Part 4: Next step
    Part 5: Email signature with your branding
  • on phone
    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Context
    Part 3: What you want
    Part 4: Next step / availability
    Part 5: Thank you / confirmation

    Hi Megan, my name is Jason Alba.
    Aaron was telling me that you are one of the best thinkers he knows in
    the industry.
    I am doing some research and would love to get 20 minutes with you to
    ask a few questions. [or: to get your perspective]
    Can I come to your office next week for a 20 minute meeting?
    Great, I’ll see you on Wednesday at 9 at your office. Thank you!

Handle declined invitation

  • ask for referrals
  • try later, maybe it’s bad timing.

Asking about company

  • Industry revenues (size of industry)
  • Customers (B2B B2C C2C)
  • Products (breadth and depth)
  • Trends (maturing new disruptors)
  • News
  • Management/Players (conference speakers)
  • Leaders, pioneeers

Research person

  • length of time working there
  • past companies
  • past jobs
  • lived
  • specialties
  • volunteer endeavors
  • prsentations/conferences
  • Coworkers
    • Titles
    • Background on those people

Prepare the Agenda

  • drive conversation
  • Introduction
  • Questions
  • Conclusion
    • Ask/offer
    • referrals


  • Show interest
  • Show passion/expertise
  • Be purposeful
  • get information

    • Industry
    • Organizatiom
    • Position
    • Where do you see this industry (or profession) going in the next few years?
      Respects THEIR opinion/perspective

    • What changes have you seen in the course of your career so far?
      Respects THEIR experience
      Get perspective that Google couldn’t give

    • What are the hard-to-find skills that this industry (or company) is looking for?
      Do your skills match?
      Do you need to improve certain skills? Helps you move past assumptions

    • Would you choose this field if you had to do it over again? Why or why not?
      Maybe you’ll relate to what they love or don’t love
      You might learn about other positions that you hadn’t thought of

    • What are the biggest technology changes influencing this business?
      Great industry question
      Can you solve these problems? Is there a business opportunity?

    • What do you read to keep up with developments in your field or industry?
      Shows passion and interest
      Shows commitment to continuing education

    • What are some of the biggest challenges facing your company and your industry?
      Understanding of competition, threats and trends
      Shows business interest/aptitude


  • Know where to meet
  • Ask for cellphone
  • clothing

#@ dig your well before you’re thirsty

  • Smile
  • Say name to remember
  • Comment on their responses
    “That’s interesting. Why do you think…?”
  • Every part of your communication impacts your branding
  • The thoughtfulness or epth of your questions

  • Positive Branding:

    • Knowledgeable
    • Good thinker
    • Quick thinker
    • Nice
    • Good communicator
  • Negative Branding:

    • NOT referable!

Who else should I talk to?
Can you introduce me to them?
What can I do for you?

  • Recurring Follow-up
    • Share news
    • Ask question
    • Make invitation
    • Ask for invitation
    • Stay in touch
  • NURTURE the relationship

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