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Learning Technology in the Information Age
0001 Jun 1
2 minutes read

Anyone can communicate with any other number of individuals.
Everyone has access to all human knowledge.
Cost: zero Time: zero

Was it worth the effort?
Did you have a strategy?
Did you get as far as you wanted?

  1. Knowledge Free
  2. Information Free
  3. Tools Free
  4. Skills $$$$$$$$

Learning paths

  • Fundamentals
  • Skills
  • Information
  • Innovation


Aquire knowledge domain, language, concepts

  • Widely applicable, not bound to one particual implementation
  • Rarely become obsolete, can last lifetime

Beginner -> Expert
Easy -> Harder

Helps to learn and process information.


Specific knowledge you use to solve problems.
Information is specific to implemetation of technology.
Fundamentals of technology gives huge bonus in understanding implementation and application of that technology.
Information goes obsolete very quickly.
Learn how to learn.


The ability to use knowledge to solve problems.
Learning to do.
Skills based on fundamentals lasts longer than those based on information.


When Fundamentals, Information, Skills cups are full.


Fundamental knowledge, information and skills is good enought.
How to: Study, search for solutions, practice skills.

Expertise, innovation

Experts have access to fundamental knowledge, information and skills.
Experts can solve problems that are solvable and know which are not.
How to: Experimentation, reasearch, perseverance

Build expertise in multiple domains, technology stacks.

Cost of learning

Time is expensive, and much more expensive than cost of tools, courses and books.

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