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Hide volumes in macOS
0001 Jun 1
One minute read

Hide volumes in macOS

We will find UUID of the volume we want to hide, and will use UUID to tell system not to mount this particular volume when drive attached to the Mac.

To find volume UUID

Open and run diskutil info /Volumes/Path_to_volume | grep 'Volume UUID'

you will see something like

Volume UUID:              59D518BB-BC26-343E-A454-98C57BF6997A

copy 59D518BB-BC26-343E-A454-98C57BF6997A

Use UUID to disable automatic mounting

In run sudo pico /etc/fstab enter password.

Paste this on new line per each volume you want to hide:

UUID=59D518BB-BC26-343E-A454-98C57BF6997A none hfs rw,noauto

press Ctrl+O, Enter to save, Ctrl+X to exit.

Now when you attach external storage, volume should not appear in Finder.

You can still mount desired volume in Disk or using diskutil list to find volume ID and diskutil mount VolumeIDENTIFIER to mount it.

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