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Google Search Operators
0001 Jun 1
One minute read

Source: Google Presentation: «Hello Operators»

An operator is a symbol that modifies the words or numbers around it.

In search, an operator changes your search query – often with drastic results!

These operators can help you tweak, refine, and narrow your search.

There are seven basic operators in Google Search.

  • Minus symbol (-) excludes words from your search results.
  • Plus symbol (+) makes sure the word it precedes is used exactly as you entered it.
  • Tilde symbol (~) includes similar words in your search results.
  • Boolean "or" (OR) includes one, the other, or both words in your search results.
  • Dot-dot symbol (..) includes a range of numbers in your search results.
  • Star or asterisk symbol (*) leaves space for a missing word in your search results.
  • Double quotes (" ") include only the exact phrase – the exact words in the
    exact order you entered them – in your search results.

Can you think of particular examples when these search operators could help

  • Exclusion (-)
  • Inclusion (+)
  • Similar Words (~)
  • Multiple Words (OR)
  • Number Range (..)
  • Fill-in-the-Blank (*)
  • Exact Phrase (» «)

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