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Course: Paradigms of Computer Programming @ edX
0001 Jun 1
One minute read

Course: Paradigms of Computer Programming @ edX


  • confluency - if you have a large program built
    out of functions that are composed together, we can evaluate in any order
    and get the same result.
  • referential transparency - replacing equals by equals.

  • functional language - LISP, Scheme, ML, Haskell, OCaml..

  • Logic languages - SQL, constraint programming, Prolog ..

  • combinations XSL (formatting), XSLT (transforming)..


  • constraint programming

declarative versus imperative - properties versus commands, stateless versus stateful.

The scope of an identifier occurrence can be determined by inspecting the program text. We do not need to execute. So this is called lexical scoping, or static scoping.

  • identifier
  • variable
  • environment
  • scope
  • function
    • composition
    • recursion
  • conditional

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