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Autodesk Network License Manager under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
2011 Jun 11
2 minutes read

Autodesk Network License Manager under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Installing Network License Manager (NLM)

We will be installing rpm Red Hat package under Ubuntu, so let’s install tool for that..

sudo apt-get install rpm

Unpack rpm package

tar –zxvf nlm11.11_ipv4_linux64.tar.gz

Try to install rpm

rpm -vhi nlmipv4support_linux64.rpm

you should see something like this

rpm: RPM should not be used directly install RPM packages, use Alien instead!   

well, let’s install alien tool

sudo apt-get install alien

Trying install again

sudo alien -ic nlmipv4support_linux64.rpm

I assume it’s should be installed by now under /opt/flexnetserver

Place license

You should have network license file license.lic from Autodesk.
Copy this file to NLM directory

cp license.lic /opt/flexnetserver

Manually run server

Let’s run server

./lmgrd –c license_file_list.lic –l debug_log_file_path

Check if server is runnning

./lmutil lmstat

or look up processes

ps aux | grep lmgrd

Stop server

./lmutil lmdown -c license_file_list.lic -q 

Automatic startup server daemon

We will be using tool called «Upstart» to manage or license server.
Let’s create new service called «flexlicensemanager»
Create configuration file flexlicensemanager.conf in /etc/init/ directory with this content:

description     "Network License Manager (NLM)"

start on (net-device-up
      and local-filesystems
      and runlevel [2345])
stop on runlevel [016]

console output
umask 022
respawn limit 3 120
expect fork

env WORKDIR=/opt/flexnetserver

exec $WORKDIR/lmgrd -c $WORKDIR/autodesk.lic -l $WORKDIR/boot.log

post-start script
        $WORKDIR/lmutil lmdiag -n -c $WORKDIR/autodesk.lic >> $WORKDIR/boot_diagnostics.log
end script

You can check config for validity

init-checkconf flexlicensemanager.conf

Now we created new service, it will automatically start on next boot howether we can use it right away.

sudo start flexlicensemanager
sudo stop flexlicensemanager
sudo status flexlicensemanager

After installing you can encounter problems:

Trying to excecute lmgrd binary and get message like «No such file or directory» or nothing happens at all

it may be due to the missing (or incomplete) lsb package. Install lsb package.

sudo apt-get install lsb

Errors in log file

It’s good to go and see log file

less debug_log_path

If you see something like this

(adskflex) Can't make directory /usr/tmp/.flexlm, errno: 2(No such file or directory)

Let’s fix it

sudo mkdir /usr/tmp/.flexlm -p
sudo chown user /usr/tmp/.flexlm

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