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Learning Git
2011 Jun 11
One minute read

Learning Git

I’ve found this amazing site that makes me understand what Git really is and how it works.

Not only that guide is really good, but also video lecture Git For Ages 4 And Up from Open Source Developers Conference

It’s a brilliant talk by a brilliant developer, and if you have some time to watch the video, I highly recommend it. But check out the very first sentence in the session description (emphasis added):

Git makes so much more sense when you understand how it really works, because it’s really a two trick pony.
Tinker Toys are the best illustration of a Git repository I’ve found. Side-by-side with issuing Git commands, we’ll build a Git repository out of kid’s toys showing what’s going on behind the scenes. Mind bending concepts like remote branching, rebase and the staging area become child’s play.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not For Children Under 4 Years.

I’m totally agree with all that.

Also check out:

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